Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Freeman's Farm Game

Here are some photos of a Volley & Bayonet game I hosted at the Northern Conspiracy this past month. The scenario was Freeman's Farm (First Saratoga) with a slight historical variation. Historically the General Gates committed precious few troops to the Freeman's farm battle to the dismay of Benedict Arnold. Of course we all know what happened later in October when the full American force was applied. This scenario features an order of battle that has Arnold getting his way, convincing Gates to commit a larger portion of the forces from Bemis Heights. The end result is a much more evenly matched wargame.

This refight saw the Americans have early success both in withstanding the initial British charges as well as giving the Brits plenty of trouble from musketry with the Americans even knocking the British grenadiers out of commision early in the fight. These early successes were not long lived as eventually the American's luck turned and the British had their way with the Americans in the center of the line.

American reinforcements late in the battle were too little, too late and couldn't turn the tide before the Brunswick reinforcements decended on the American right flank. All in all it was a well fought battle by the players on both sides and a fun game to host! This game was a play test of the same game which I will be hosting next month at Carnage 10. More photos of this and other games that were hosted at the game day can be found on the Northern Conspiracy web page gallery for the October game day.