Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Leichte Pionierkompanie Platoon

This is the first combat platoon for my early war 'Blitzkrieg' Flames of war company, a Leichte Pionierkompanie (Light Engineer Company). I've started with only two squads instead of the maximum strength of three. I've done this for two reasons: 1) at 600 points I need the extra points for other troops and 2) I made this unit from available mid-war figures, removing any figures inappropriate for early war from the pack. I did this by cannibalizing a mid-war pioneer blister and a mid-war infantry blister. What I came up with was enough figures for two squads. The second full combat platoon and the extra squad for this platoon will have to wait until Battlefront releases early war engineer blisters.

For now this mechanized Platoon is without transportation. I'm still working on the vehicles for them. See my earlier 'Panzer Pops' post for more information on the progress on that. Eventually they'll receive a staff car for their command team, a truck for the engineers and a supply truck filled with barbed wire, mines, etc. All the toys these guys like to use.

Next up on the workbench is the company command along with their transportation; motorcycles with sidecars! Also planned for the company command is a Panzerbefehlswagen command tank which is part of my 'Panzer Pops' WIP. More updates to come soon as progress continues.

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