Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 Goals

I haven't done this in the past, but I thought I'd set out some goals for the upcoming year. I'd like to do this to focus my efforts, which often tend to flow and turn with my changing passions during the year. I'm not promising I still won't get excited about different projects not on my goals list, but hopefully I'll be able to complete most of these.

Goal One - Finish My Early War FOW German Pioneer Company
I'm still waiting on Battlefront to release blisters of the Panzer I and Panzer IIc tanks. I also have two blisters of PaK-36 AT guns on order. Other than that I have to finish painting up my second platoon of engineer infantry, which is sitting on my painting table half finished. This should be a project that I can complete easily this year. The added motivation of being able to use it in the ongoing escalation league at Adler Hobby will help keep me on track with this one.

Goal Two - Finish Re-Basing my 15mm ACW Armies
I've made good progress in re-basing my 15mm ACW armies from Fire & Fury to Volley & Bayonet (V&B), but at about 75% completion I stalled on the project. This year I'd like to put this project to bed and start using the lead to run both V&B games as well as Carnage & Glory games. To motivate me to finish this project I've already scheduled my first two games with these armies.

Goal Three - Finish my Roman and Seleucid FOG Armies
This past year I made GREAT progress on both my Roman and Seleucid Field of Glory (FOG) armies. I'm only missing some mounted commanders to complete the Roman army, which is approaching double the size of a standard 'tournament' army. My Seleucids are looking good as far as core units (Pike, Elephants, Chariots) but still need some additional support. I'm guessing 2-3 more units will complete that army as well.

Goal Four - Convention Participation
Last year I was able to run a game at Huzzah! and run a game and coordinate the Centuries of Conflict event at Carnage. I'd like to do that again this year. I'd also like to try to attend Historicon this year. I didn't go last year and I'm disappointed that I didn't make it. This year I hope to take my motor home down and 'camp' in the convention center parking lot (which is allowed). Maybe I can even get some of the Conspirators to carpool down in the RV.

Reward For Making My Goals
If I can make goals 1-3, I'd like to start work on my 15mm FOW British Infantry Company and Matilda Tank Company. This dual-use command will re-use figures from each, so is only about 25% more work than doing either of the companies alone. 

Variety, the Spice of Life
I hope to sprinkle in at least a couple of 25mm AWI units. This year I only managed a single unit and a mortar. I have PLENTY of unpainted lead left for my AWI collection, mostly new Perry figures which are a joy to paint. Hopefully a couple units will manage to find themselves at the top of the painting queue this year.

Wish me luck in achieving even SOME of these goals. Best of luck to each of you in reaching your own wargaming goals this year.

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