Saturday, September 24, 2011

War of 1812 Game

This is a game I played last night at my friend Mark D's house with some of my other Northern Conspiracy friends. The game was a historical scenario for the War of 1812 - the battle of Queenstown Heights, October 13, 1812. This was the second time I've played the scenario that Mark is developing for the upcoming Carnage Convention, the first was at our club's August game night. The game used Volley & Bayonet rules in wing scale using some additional period-specific rules. This was a fun game although the British side, which I was a member of, got soundly beaten by the Americans.

Mark is fine tuning the scenario and I'm sure his game at the upcoming convention will be excellent based on my enjoyment of both of the play tests. One of the unique wing-scale features Mark added was flank company stands that serve as the elites for each unit. These added a nice amount of flavor to the game and sparked quite an active discussion from the players about other periods where this mechanic could be used. I'm guessing we're going to see this used again by other people in possibly Iberian peninsula early Napoleonic games in 25mm. I'm looking forward to some of those games.

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