Thursday, November 10, 2011

German North Africa 81mm Mortar Platoon

This is the first combat platoon for my early war North Africa German force. After playing against Gordon's Italian defensive force (Position de Fucileri) I decided it would be fun to have a German Stützpunkt defensive force for my Australian's to assault. I'm a big fan if infantry mortars in Flames of War. I think they're one of the must-have items in any infantry force that's allowed to field them. They provide great utility with the ability to deliver a smoke bombardment and can suppress enemy infantry and if you're lucky you can even use them to harass light  and medium tanks.

These are Battlefront figures painted up in standard North Africa uniforms. I've used the latter colors for the mortar tubes so that they may be used in early and mid war North Africa games. Next up will be some of the German gun pits that form part of the core of the force. These will be used in conjunction with the machine gun pits I posted earlier and an infantry platoon I have yet to paint.


Beccas said...

Nice unit AJ

jmezz382 said...

Two thumbs up !

Rodger said...

Very very nice.

Galpy said...

unit look s real good your fow armies must be rather large now there always seems to be a new unit or two coming on line every time i come and visit