Sunday, April 12, 2015

Northern Conspiracy April 2015 Game Day

Yesterday was our club game day. Normally we do a single session game night on a Friday evening, but this month's event was an all day Saturday game day with two sessions. During the morning session I played in my friend Byron's Indian Mutiny game. Byron is shown to the left in the red shirt going over the game mechanics. Byron's game used the Brother Against Brother ACW skirmish rule set, slightly modified by Byron for use with the Indian Mutiny period.

Byron's games feature beautiful terrain and figures and are always well run. This one was no exception as you can see from the photos below. The scenario was a hypothetical rescue of some loyal citizens (recently painted and shown in close up below) by crown troops. The citizens, held up in a small compound were protected by some local loyal forces. The compound was attacked by mutineers from one table edge and a relief force of crown forces were arriving from the opposite table edge. Present at the game was a new guest, Mark shown below in the tan shirt and beard.

Also run in the morning session were Mark D's war of 1812 game, and Pete's WWI naval combat game. I took a few quick photos which are shown below.

In the afternoon I played in my friend Charlie's Napoleonic game using his own rules, Napoleon's Rules of War. The scenario was Ruffin’s and Villatte’s attack at Talavera 28 July 1809. Rob and I played the German forces and Kevin, Bob and Ralph played the French.

Rob and I set up about half of our forces on the defensive ridge and the remaining we kept behind in a mobile formation to deploy as the French advanced. The French deployed enough across our front to keep us from leaving the ridge while their main attack went in on our left, which I defended by rushing our reserve into line there. With our cavalry arriving, Kevin was forced to form square, which our horse artillery punished with very effective fire (my dice were smokin' hot). Elsewhere the French attacked our center with cavalry as we couldn't form square due to the presence of French artillery in the sector. The cavalry punched a hole in our center, but then were forced to surrender behind our lines due to withering fire from our reserve. As the French tried to exploit the hole our reserves also rushed in to plug the void in the line, both arriving at about the same time. That sector stabilized while Kevin's flank attack was blunted by our artillery and infantry line. Victory to the Germans. Due to my hot dice, I received the table award, a tiny bottle of Chivas Regal scotch!

Sincere apologies to Michael, who ran the other afternoon game as I didn't get photos of his medieval skirmish game, Robin hood vs. the sheriff of Nottingham. Michael's games are always great fun and feature his home brew rules, Have Fun Storming the Castle Lads.

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