Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Last of the Veteran Carthaginian Hoplites

I've been saying I'm finished with my Carthaginian army for about six months now. I guess this is one of those armies that will never be completely finished. In this case I can say with reasonable certainty  that these are the last veteran hoplites that I'll be painting for the army. These figures, are converted from Roman triarii figures from the Old Glory Republican Roman line. I've snipped off the plumes and of course painted the shields appropriately. The white unit has a combination of homemade decals I had left over and hand-painted shields. The red shields are left plain to match the rest of the units in the red wing. This brings each of my veteran hoplite wings up to the full strength of four stands.

The painting on the chain mail is dry brushing over black primer. The rest of the figures are block painted and washed with my homemade magic wash

Next up on the painting table some late war WWII British infantry a.k.a. 'Tommies'. I'm going to mix in some WWII here and there to add some variety and keep me motivated to paint. These two units lingered on the table quite a while. Partially this was due to ancients burn-out and partially due to personal/household reasons. Either way I'm back at the table!

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