Thursday, October 19, 2017

Northern Conspiracy October 2017 Game Day

Last Saturday fellow blogger and club-mate Ed M hosted an EPIC-sized 28mm alternate Waterloo scenario of Prussians vs. French in the Ramillies Gap. The game featured Charlie's excellent rules, Napoleon's Rules of War with some modifications specifically added by Ed for the game. For more photos and information, Ed has a lovely article on his blog about the game day from the game master's point of view.

The game was a one-day campaign and game all wrapped up into one. The order of march was determined prior to the players arriving, but approach marches were up to each player. I was commanding Prussian 1st division with Byron my 2iC commanding the right brigade, while I was on the left - tasked with taking the town. Opposite us was the French primary push complete with the young guard and it's accompanying grand battery!

The French artillery hit early and often. I was able to return the favor against French infantry in the town with my 12-pounder battery, driving them out. Towards the end of the day more French reinforced the town. With the battle drawing to a close I made a push into the town with a multi-battalion force while the Prussian grenadiers supported the attack on the right neutralizing a young guard battalion that was worn down from ranged fire. My attack was only partially successful with my regulars locked in a struggle for the town with the French.

Across the battlefield there were losses and gains on both sides, most of which still in the balance when we ran out of time. This was an epic fight fought to a draw - everyone won since we all had a great time. Many photos below....

 Prussian center advanced guard approaches the battlefield...
Main bodies of French and Prussian forces in the center. The French, first to the town, secure it.

The main forces engage each other, first with artillery, then cavalry, then combined attacks. Prussian position battery clears the front of the town.

The Young Guard arrives, secures the town and advances to attack  the center.

Towards the end of the game here is a series of left-to-tight panoramic photos. Left of center, the French dragoon division arrives and threatens Prussian 2nd division. Prussian reserve cavalry responds. In the distance, 3rd division presses the French light cavalry.
In the Center the struggle for the town continues. Prussian grenadiers holding the town's left flank, French Young Guard hold the town right.
 Right center, Byron's command at a stand off with Dave's French.
Extreme right, Mike, Michael and Kevin press against Earl's French.


DeanM said...

Epic is a most appropriate term for this splendid game, Allan. Truly impressive.

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