Friday, December 29, 2017

More WWII British Infantry and Support Weapons

These will likely be the last figures posted for 2017. The year started off well with me doing quite a bit of 28mm vehicle conversions for WWII skirmish gaming, but personal events kept me away from the painting table for most of the year. With a game to put on tomorrow, I found the motivation to base up these figures which have been languishing on the painting table since late spring.

The infantry in the force consists of ten rifle-armed infantry, two Thompson-armed NCOs and a crouching figure suitable as an officer or forward observer as needed. In addition to the grunts, there is another 3" mortar and a 'Six-pounder' anti-tank gun. All figures are West Wind figures (from Old Glory here in the USA) with the exception of the two NCOs which I believe are Artisan. They are block painted and finished with my home made 'magic wash'. Grass tufts are Leadbearer's tufts which I highly recommend. I'll count this as 21 figures for this year's painting totals counting each special weapon as a single figure.


Scott MacPhee said...

I love them! Your basework makes these shine.

When you say "Old Glory," is that Westwind?

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Yes, Westwind - here in the USA we get them from Old Glory, but you're quite correct.

Scott MacPhee said...

I have quite a few Westwind figures kicking around. I like the sculpts a lot.

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

I'm sure they match your painting style well Scott. Your layered shading would really make the figures pop.