Saturday, February 17, 2018

28mm WWII German Weapons Teams

With momentum picking up in the club for Iron Cross, there's a lot of 28mm WWII being painted across the club. I'm not immune to the hype, with all of my currently active projects centering around my German and British skirmish armies. These are two units of German weapons teams, one 80mm Mortars (8 cm Granatwerfer 34 as the Germans would have referred to it) and one of MG-34 and MG-42 tripod-mounted MMGs. The mortars are from West Wind's Berlin or Bust line and the MG-42s are Warlord figures I believe. The digital camera settings make the bread bags and gaiters look very yellow. They're on the yellow side of khaki but not as crazy as the photos make them appear.

While I was at Adler Hobby the other day I purchased  some Warlord panzerfausts. They're just the loose weapons for adding to figures. Most of my German riflemen I purchased pre-painted on Ebay. None of them are armed with Panzerfausts. I painted up these weapons and added them to some of my existing infantry to give them a bit more punch against allied armor. One pose really lent itself to this conversion better than the others, so you'll see most of these went on figures with that pose.

I'll count the efforts on this post as 16 figures painted (the weapons teams) and 8 'terrain/misc' for the panzerfaust conversions. Next up on the painting table are some British vehicles.


Mark Decoteau said...

Looking good AJ! Can’t wait to see them on the table.

Scott MacPhee said...

Those are excellent, AJ! The manufacturers mix well.

Millsy said...

Lovely brushwork AJ!