Monday, May 14, 2018

Northern Conspiracy April 2018 Game Night

This past Friday we had an excellent turn out at the Northern Conspiracy's monthly game night. All three games were full of players and great fun was had by all. First on the bill was Robert's Napoleonic 15mm game using his own rules, Robert's Rules of Disorder. I got a couple of photos of Robert's game but didn't play in it. From the sounds coming from the table next door much fun and carnage was had by all.

Next up was Peter's ACW Naval game using Sail and Steam rules.

The third offering was a Crusades skirmish game using the Saga rule set hosted by Mike. I played in this one. Below the Muslim commanders, Rob and Michael. I was teamed up with Dick as the Christians. Mike's scenario has each player with different victory conditions and conflicting goals. Although I didn't necessarily want to attack fellow Christian, Dick, his goals were in direct conflict with mine so care needed to be taken. I was interested in keeping the caravan leader in the middle of the table (run by the GM Mike). Dick wanted him dead as a hammer. Dick won that battle, sending his mounted knights in to the caravan like a cruise missile and sealing the most valuable victory condition on his mission briefing on turn two.

Michael and I met in the middle of the table and while I got the favor of fortune early, Michael's constant pressure and a reverse of fortunes put him on top late, although at a high price. Rob was happy to fight to the last of Michael's troops. I'm not sure how that played with his victory conditions, but in the end he and Michael were both close to Dick in victory points. I pulled up a distant 5th (out of 4 players). Still I found Saga to be great fun for 2-4 players.

Special thanks to volunteer assistant GM Greg, who helped everything go smoothly. Greg's help allowed the rookie at the table (me) keep pace with the other three veteran Saga players as far as understanding the rules went. I found Saga to be initially confusing, but after a single game I feel that I have the system fairly well understood. I look forward to the next game.

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Independentwargamesgroup said...

Looked like an interesting night, well done.