Sunday, October 21, 2018

28MM Luftwaffe Field Division Troops With Assault Rifles

These are the last unpainted infantry I had left for my late war German WWII army. They are 20 Luftwaffe Field Division infantry armed with the German late war assault rifle, the
STG-44. Geöring equipped his beloved field division troops with some of the best equipment available, including the STG-44.

The figures are a mix. Ten of them are from Warlord Games Veteran Grenadiers pack. The remaining ten are two blisters of Artisan Games German Assault Rifles in Assorted Headgear (discontinued). I really like the way the Artisan and Warlord figures mix. Unless you're very familiar with which poses are which, it's very hard to tell the two manufacturers apart.

All I have left to finish my WWII Germans is to finish painting two Hetzer assault guns and a single German motorcycle team. The latter may end up becoming a Finnish asset instead.

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