Monday, April 29, 2019

Electronic Brigadier - Freeman's Farm Play Test for Huzzah! Game

Friday I had some friends over to play test my game for the upcoming Huzzah! convention. This is a variant of my Freeman's Farm game. I've split the America command up into smaller brigades to make it more convention friendly and to speed play. I had an all veteran crew so we got right to playing. Ralph, Ed and Bob as the Americans, George, Rob and myself as the British. As I was running the game and playing, photos and this write up will be somewhat sparse. Please see Ed's amazing write up of the game over on his blog, Ed M's Wargame Meanderings.

I commanded the British center brigade - solid line troops. Opposite of me Ed sent out his militia hoping to get some volleys in. Beside them the American 3 lb. battery pulled up. I jumped out and sent the militia to the rear with the 9th Foot, who ultimately paid the price for that aggression, eventually failing to out-trade musket volleys with Ed's New York troops. My other unit likewise ended up not well deployed and on the poor side of some two-fer-one shooting.

On my left, George's German brigade did well, sending one New York unit back with a flank charge, then setting up a firing line with a good reserve. Eventually his first line began to falter, but he had a second line to follow up had we had enough time. Unfortunately my command would falter before his second line would see action.

On my Right, Rob and I coordinated attacks in the center well, but the Americans held there. On the right flank Dearborn's Lights danced around to the British rear before Rob deployed his end line brigade into skirmsh formation allowing him to match Dearborn's moves. From there a series of charges by each eventually saw Dearborn's lights withdrawing to the American woods, albeit in good order.

End result of the battle: Major American victory. The American players played well and in the end that bore fruit. Well done.


Duc de Gobin said...

Saw this excellent set-up on Ed's blog too.
Excellent stuff - always keen to see this one re-fought.
The rules look fascinating.
Are these based originally for Volley and Bayonet?

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

My figures were originally based for Volley & Bayonet but the rules are all original.

Dick Bryant said...

Allan, Sorry I didn't go to Huzzar's site to be able to sign up for your game! I will miss it> Are you ever going to publish these in some kind of format?
Dick Bryant

AJ (Allan) Wright said...


I hope to at some point. Right now the GM tools are not ready for the public. That's the big sticking point. Sorry you didn't get into the game. If you don't get another, stop by the table. I have a very large German command on the British side that could easily be split with a willing partner.


Dick Bryant said...

I will try that - see you at Huzzah!
Dick B