Saturday, November 23, 2019

Northern Conspiracy Game Night - November 2019

Last night the Northern Conspiracy gathered for our monthly game night. This was the final meeting of the current administrative board as our club operates on a December to November fiscal year. It has been a great year of gaming.

Seen to the left here is Warren receiving the club's sportsmanship trophy from outgoing president Dick. The Northern Conspiracy highly values the friendship and sportsmanship of its members. Warren well embodies these values every year. This year the club recognized him with the sportsman award. Warren is a consummate gentleman at the table while still being an excellent gamer - a combination to be honored.

Now on to the games!

I played in Don's Maurice game of 30 Year's war Russians versus Turks. John, Bruce and I were the Russians. Our Turkish opponents Peter, Warren, Paul and Dave.

We nominated John to be CinC, and he chose to hold the right flank against Peter and Warren's double-team force.

I received and all infantry force tasked with assaulting the village defended by Paul's elite Janissarys and militia.

Bruce and Dave faced off in a massive cavalry clash which saw to the total destruction of both cavalry wings.

Photos here of Dave and Bruce sorting out the Carnage.

The final photo on the lower right also shows Paul's troops occupying and protecting the village preparing to receive my assault.

My assault goes in. I lost two infantry battalions, but gave as good as I got eliminating one Janissary unit and the militia in the town. This cleared the town of enemy but my troops were too exhausted to attempt to hold the town with Paul's other Janissarys ready to counter attack, so I attempted to rest and recover before taking the position.

With Dave's command mostly neutralized, Bruce brings his infantry up to support the press through the town. My troops are still fatigued, while my commander is otherwise distracted trying to help our right flank hold (by using event cards).

On our right flank, Warren and Peter press home their attacks. John does a fine job eliminating some of Peter's militia and at least one of Warren's cavalry, but in the end both attacks wear down our right.  As time was called the Turkish army was near its breaking point but in a very good position. The consensus, and GM Don's opinion was that the Russians had enough army morale left to seal the deal. That and the clearing of the town made this a Russian victory. The Turkish players I thought played very well and the battle was a close fought affair the entire night.

Incoming club president Charlie ran a 15mm Iron Cross game that seemed to generate a lot of excitement. I couldn't take much time away from my game to get more details about the battle, but it looked like everyone had a great time.

Michael ran a Sails of Glory game that was also full of players. From what Michael told me, his ships of the line were out maneuvered and harassed by a larger number of smaller frigates. The frigate's superior agility coming to play to their advantage in the battle.

We had a great turn out this month. This I attribute to an excellent slate of games put on by all the game masters. Thanks to them for hosting great games.


DeanM said...

Great looking games going on. Coincidentally, I was a game day yesterday myself. The afternoon session had a Sails of Glory game too - didn't get in on it as a player though.

Old Fritz said...

Tell Ralph I miss him running games at conventions, I learned a lot from him.