Friday, June 18, 2021

Re-canting GW Contrast Paints

Anyone who has EVER used a wash or paint made by Games Workshop knows how criminally bad the Citadel paint pots are. They don't close properly, fall over, get completely gunked up with dried on paint and often cause you to waste more of the product in them than you get to use. It's almost like they're designed to cause you to waste the paint in them so you'll have to buy more sooner.

I've been amassing a nearly complete set of GW Contrast paints recently. At over $7.00 a pot, that's an investment I don't want to keep in the crappy GW paint pots. 

Per the advice of several on-line and YouTube 'experts', I picked up some generic dropper bottles and small funnels off of Amazon. Fifty of each totaled about $15. If I save two pots worth of paint with this project I'm at break even. Also the convenience of dropper bottles will save me time at the painting table as well and will make using these paints in my airbrush a LOT easier. 

To re-cant the collection of bottles shown above took me about two hours. Not an insignificant amount of time. I had to be careful to fully mix each pot before re-canting. I also added agitators to every dropper bottle while I was at it. Here you can see the contrast paints in their new dropper bottles. My washes are also re-canted, but not shown.

One saving grace is that the labels on the GW pots are put on with a glue that does enable re-using of the labels. By carefully peeling them off they're easily re-applied to the new dropper bottles. Time will tell, but my initial impression is that the labels seem like they'll stick permanently to their new containers. If they don't, a quick wrap with clear tape will solve that problem.

I think the only thing left to do is for me to make up a good sample chart of the colors. The names, aren't very recognizable to a historical miniatures painter, so I'll need a chart.


Dave Gamer said...

I know what you mean. I recently started up painting again after a couple of months and noticed some of my GW Shades (washes) were dried up. I also just started trying their Contrast paints and I like what I'm seeing, although for best results I think you need to prime you miniatures with the proper base color. I think I'll invest in the dropper bottles with the agitator ball bearings as well.

DeanM said...

I've only used GW once - it was a wash, and I wasn't used to the flip open cap. I've otherwise only used dropper bottle types (and the craft store types). Although they can get clogged, still preferable over the GW flip caps.

Matt Crump said...

I do know what you mean but I am only a very amateur painter so I make do 🤔