Wednesday, January 25, 2023

More 28mm WWII Finnish Infantry

Here's another batch of 28mm Finnish WWII figures for my Bolt Action / Iron Cross Finnish army. I'm ramping into second gear on this project as the army is approaching critical mass to start using it to run some games. 

These 18 figures are primarily to bulk up my infantry squads. Where previously I had focused on having an LMG with each squad, I've since found out that by the Lapland war, sections often fielded two or sometimes even three SMGs. These were a mix of Finnish and captured Russian PPSh models.

The officer: The Finnish officers loved their leather field coats. Brown was the typical color. I have previously erroneously painted some of these as grey wool, but this is the correct color. I'm actually considering going back and fixing that error on my other Finnish officers.


The Molotov throwers: For me, every Finnish squad should have one of these guys. In practice, I'll also use them as additions to a 'tank hunter' squad when a scenario calls for it. Two poses, but thanks to the swap-able heads, three unique-ish figures.

The Riflemen: There are a lot of one pose in this set, thanks to the limited range of figures from Warlord Games and the fact that I purchased two boxed sets and an additional squad. The upside is, I don't have many of this particular pose in my existing squads. I guess they all rattled to the bottom of the 'dead lead' box. Mixing them in existing squads should make them less repetitive. 

The Brrrrrt! :  SMG gunners in several poses. I've even tossed in some conversions from some French Partisans with head swaps for some variation. Still one pose is here as a set of three. Again, mixing them in existing squads will help. 

The Collection: Here's a group shot of the Finns so far. On the workbench are crew for the Pak-40, a Pak-38 and crew, another HMG, several LMG teams, a flamethrower and a 60mm mortar and crew. That should mostly round out the infantry and support teams for the army and free me up to finish the remaining vehicles. 

I also have a few combat engineers / pioneers on the way for use with Chain of Command.


Matt Crump said...

Nicely done and a fairly significant force now 👍

Matt Crump said...

Ps I like your shelving displays I wish I had enough space for that rather than boxes

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Thanks Matt. They're Ikea 'Regressor' cabinets. I'm fortunate to have space for them. I finished a room in my basement for hobbies, so in that effort I set aside a wall for them.

Jim Jackaman said...

Those look really good.