Monday, October 24, 2011

North Africa Heavy Machine Gun Nests - Finished

These are the four completed German heavy machine gun nests that I showed in my previous post. I've added some additional grass and rock details to the sand portion and dry-brushed the concrete with a couple layers of sand color to represent all the sand that would blow onto and over the nests. The Battlefront figures are a mix of two different poses, each armed with a heavy machine gun. Two have bi-pods and two do not, opting to rest the gun on the bunker's lip.

I won't be painting any more figures for this German force until I finish up the last couple of units to complete my Australian forces. I'm the type that if I start a new project before finishing the last the uncompleted project might never get finished. A bit of discipline is necessary here to combat my gaming ADD.


Monty said...

Great work Allan - very impressive ;)
I know exactly what you mean about jumping projects though, I do it all the time and never really finish anything...:D

The Kiwi said...

They look great. I don't think I have any project that is completed. :)