Wednesday, April 30, 2014

28mm Stone and Half Timber House / Inn

This is another 28mm building I created with help from my CNC laser engraver. It's a 28mm stone and half timber house or inn. The stone lower floor is wrapped in cardboard on the edges cut to look like cut stone with the center field made from an interesting textured paper (shown below) I found at the local craft store. Once sprayed with black primer and dry brushed it looks convincingly like stone. There's also a detail photo of the door with its hardware, also cut on the laser. The roof is the only part not cut and engraved on the laser. It's made from sheet styrene made for scratch building HO scale buildings for model railroad layouts.

This building, like my others, is designed to easily allow troops to be placed in each floor. Each floor may be opened/removed separately to allow access for figures. I carved a chimney out of pink insulation foam which will be added to the roof, but it requires several coats of foam sealer and paint, all of which will take a few days to dry between coats.


Rodger said...

Brilliant!! Looks really very good Aj!

PanzerKaput said...

That is one heck of a nice building, well neat