Thursday, April 10, 2014

28mm WWII Germans

I've taken a short break on my 'secret project' to let some ideas gel and because I had been working on it very intensely and just needed a breather. During that break I completed painting 11 Warlord WWII German figures. These first four are Heer mortar crew to go with the 120mm mortar I painted earlier. Initially I wasn't happy with the camouflage smocks on these figures, but after an Army Painter wash I'm much more pleased. The officer figure's map I'm particularly happy with. 

These two figures are an ammo carrier for one of the many MG-42 figures I have, and a solitary flame thrower figure. I'm not sure I'll be using the flame thrower, but it came with the other specialists shown below so I painted it up while I had them on the painting table.
This is my tank hunter group. I mostly bought these figures for the action shot figure firing the panzerfaust. Sure, he's not all that practical on the table top, but wow such an awesome pose. There is also a figure carrying a rifle, armful of panzerfausts and an anti-tank mine. He'll find a spot in any of my infantry squads for sure. The last three figures are all carrying panzershreck anti-tank launchers. For Bolt Action, only two are needed for a team, but for historical games the third will see use with a regular rifleman, or the figure carrying all the panzerfausts, as an assistant.

These final three figures and mortar are figures I picked up already painted in the flea market area at Cold Wars. I've given them a quick Army Painter 'dip' and based them up. I always think you can use another 81mm mortar.


Ian said...

I do like what you have done with these, especially the P'faust


DeanM said...

Those do look cool. Love the flames!