Saturday, February 28, 2015

Electronic Brigadier Cavalry Play Test Game

Last night a bunch of my friends came over to help me continue to fine tune my Electronic Brigadier rules. We again used generic units to help dial in the effects of casualties on morale. Additionally I put two cavalry units on each side to hopefully further test cavalry's interaction with infantry and each other in charges. The latter was definitely desperately needed as we did find some fairly significant issues that I've had to address in cavalry vs. cavalry charges. Hopefully next time these charges will work more smoothly.

The Americans, shown on right below, were Ed, Ralph and Phil. The British, shown on the left were Bob, Charlie and Mike.

The Americans took up a defensive position using a central woods and a ravine to protect their flank. The British initially occupied the farm while they sent a battalion to cross the ravine and threaten the American's flank. Once developed the British pressed across the battlefield, eventually forming the very keen battle line shown in the title photo at the top of this post. 

Defensive fire by the Americans softened up the British and when pressed with charges in the center of the battle line the British wavered in the face of the charges collapsing the center of the line. The British recovered and countered by reforming the line and pressing the American's with volley fire. This led to our conclusion that penalties for units fleeing in the face of a charge needed to be adjusted to be more punitive. This is a change that we'll test in the next play test game. 

Even with the things we've found needed to be worked on it was a fun night with plenty of laughs, good gaming and very constructive input from the play testers. Thanks guys! I'm including plenty of eye candy from the game below for those who weren't there and enjoy looking at them.

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