Monday, February 2, 2015

Ancients Re-Basing Started

I have started to re-base some of my 28mm ancients for Hanibal at the Gates (HATG). Previously they were based for WRG and used sabots for HATG. I was under the impression that this would be ok, but as HATG has evolved the depth of the bases has changed and is no longer easily manged with sabots. The local thoughts are that most people are keeping their 15mm WRG based miniatures for use with DBA, DBM and Field of Glory and basing up their 28mm collections for HATG. I'm saddened that I'm having to re-base my Carthaginian army so soon after finishing it, but I guess that's part of wargaming.

These first few test stands are my Gaul infantry and some Thracian infantry that I posted earlier in my blog.  The re-based figures make up five Gaul warrior stands and a Gaul skirmisher stand. The eight Tracian figures I had make up a very snappy looking soldier and skirmish stand. The Thracians will be used in my Macedonian/Pyrrhic army that I'll be starting soon. The black strips on the rear of the bases are magnetic, allowing stand labels, printed on magnetic paper, to be affixed and changed as needed.

Please forgive the photos. I have recently purchased a new camera. That along with the fact that I'm photographing indoors due to the recent multiple blizzards here in New Hampshire has proven difficult. I'll be continuing to refine my skills with the new, better camera in hopes of providing better photographs in the future.

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