Wednesday, January 20, 2016

HATG Scenario Play Test at Ralph's

Last Friday a bunch of us got together at my uncle's for a play test of his game that he will be running at our club's game night this Friday. The game uses his recently published rules, Hannibal at the Gates and is a hypothetical battle of Alexander's attack into Persia. The scenario involves pressing across an established bridge head. I played the Macedonian left phalanx and left flank guard. Opposite me were Peter and Earl. Peter commanded a large Persian cavalry force and Earl the Persian guard infantry and cavalry.

My phalanx took it hard early with attacks from multiple elephant and scythed chariot terror units. Eventually they weakened my left most pike unit to the point where Earl's infantry mopped them up easily. On the left flank my small flank guard delayed, and took out a couple of cavalry units, but after that a flood of hooves were let loose on our rear.

Luckily for the Macedonians, by the time the flank collapsed, my remaining pike had eliminated the last of the terror units it was facing and was able to about face to meet the oncoming cavalry. Our other pike phalanx, commanded by Byron was left to mop up the Greek mercenary spear phalanx. On the extreme right, Bob expertly commanded our large cavalry force, neutralizing the Persian cavalry on the right flank.

This was a Macedonian victory, and gave Ralph the feedback he needed to adjust the balance of the scenario for club game night.


Ralph said...

AJ, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. FYI, I have created a web page at It has a "Hannibal at the Gates" Quick Reference Sheet as a free download.

Giles said...

Great looking game, AJ. Lovely terrain and figures.

Galpy said...

Awesome looking game terrain impressive as is the amount of figures, looks like fun

Piotr Frąckowiak said...

This is really astonishing. I fell in love with the board and the figures.