Sunday, January 31, 2016

Chain of Command at Greg's

Saturday several of us travelled south to visit my friend Greg at his house for a game of Chain of Command. Greg, Byron and Dick have been playing this rule set and enjoy it a lot. The rules emphasize command and control both in the pre-game deployment as well as the orders system. I found myself being stymied from time to time by the order dice I rolled, but I guess that's the point. The largest mechanic that I think impacts the game is when one player rolls double sixes (on five dice) they get another turn. Earl on our side got three turns in a row once and two turns another time. Each player on the other team got a second turn at least once. The turn Bob, opposite my command, got his two turns he essentially put me out of the game, eliminating an entire 'fresh' specialist squad as well as a Bren gun team. The other mechanics of the game seem solid enough, and as you can see, Greg's terrain and figures are amazing.

Greg had the allies (British and French) of Earl, Byron and I, attacking Germans commanded by Dick, Ralph and Bob. Early on Earl's three turns in a row allowed him to jump on Ralph's troops defending a barn and heavily damage them. After that it was all German firepower on my flank with Bob tearing my Tommies up with Hitler's buzzsaws. Our French attack in the center also was blunted by heavy MG fire from all three German players, especially from Dick in the center. Once the Allies had removed several squads we capitulated, the assault wasn't going to succeed. Well played by the Germans.

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