Sunday, February 28, 2016

Northern Conspiracy - Game Day February 2016

Yesterday, our new club president Charlie organized the first game day of the year. The event was a one-day campaign re-creating the opening moves of the 1809 War of the Fifth Coalition. Organizing this game day was a herculean effort by Charlie aided by Ed, Ralph, Bob and me by bringing a significant portion of the troops. In addition to organizing the campaign and writing the rules, Charlie brought over half of the Austrian forces to the game - hundreds of figures.

The day started out with a brief overview of Charlie's rules, Napoleon's Rules of War.

This was followed by some map moves, mostly pre-planned prior to the game day which resulted in four separate, but simultaneous battles being fought. Pictured here, the French high command, Ralph and Ed, conferencing.

After the initial map moves, the games could begin. Each would be considered a sizable game, but as a whole, an epic offering with over 500 28mm figures involved over 36 feet of tables, and over 20 players.

I had more than my hands full just playing on my own table. There we inflicted many more casualties than we sustained, but didn't break through the French lines, which was our objective. Elsewhere across the room similar outcomes were happening on each table. My personal thanks to Earl, who took many of the early day photos while he was waiting for his command to arrive onto a table. You can even see the rare photo of me below left moving my troops, thanks to Earl.

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Ray Rousell said...

Looks and sounds like a fantastic day out.