Saturday, February 6, 2016

NROW Play Test #4 at Charlie's

Last night a group of us got together at Charlie's gaming loft to continue our testing of his Naploeonics rule set, Naploeon's Rules of War. Pictured to the left, the French contingent, Ed, Ralph, Byron and Robert. On the Austrian side were Charlie, Peter Bob and me.

Charlie has made some good improvements, streamlining the close combat procedures. We found a few places where the +/- factors need to be tweaked a little, but the new procedures are a huge improvement both in speed and ease of play.

For the game Charlie picked two similar sized forces withe the French being higher quality than the Austrians. Given that knowledge of course the Austrians decided this is a perfect time to attack! Bob led our assault on the right flank. On the left the French turned our flank with a regiment of curiassers while  launching their own assault against a position we had on a hill. My job was to assault through a gap in two hills. You can see the one attempt I made below to the right.

Both Ed and I had some difficulty assaulting each other. There were some wild dice across the board with a lot of snake-eyes to boxcars rolls going each way. Most of the column assaults were repulsed and costly, but eventually the French brought up their reinforcements before we did and my command was all but eliminated at the cost of only one French infantry battalion. On the right, Bob was more successful but not enough to call the game anything but a solid French win.

Below, to the left 'before' - the high water mark of my Austrian attack. To the right the 'after' a hole in the line where my regiment once was.

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