Sunday, October 2, 2016

Carthaginian Generals (2)

Recently it became apparent to me that my Carthaginian army has reached a size that has out grown the number of command stands that I had previously painted for it. Rummaging through my unpainted ancients lead box I found the last unpainted Carthaginian figures that I own - a pack of Old Glory Carthaginian Generals - perfect!

I've painted these up as two army level commanders with two figures per stand, and two wing/division commanders mounted one figure per stand. Some of these figures are obviously from Old Glory's Carthaginian cavalry molds, so I painted them up as runners/assistants and attempted to match the Carthaginian citizen cavalry I previously painted. I wanted them to look like they were pulled from those ranks.

The brown horses are my first try at a new painting technique. They were white primed and then 'painted' with successive ink washes. This includes the base color, hooves tails and manes. Only the tack and one white blaze on one horse's face were applied with traditional acrylic paints. I have to admit, they painted up very quickly this way and I'm just as happy with them as other horses painted using the traditional method.

With half of a Roman army left to paint and a whole Pyrrhic army to paint, I'm happy to finally once and for all to call the Carthaginian army finished. At some point in the future I may array the entire army on my table and make a short video to review all the troops. It should make for an impressive sight. Next up on the painting table are some British WWII infantry. I needed a break from ancients and some British Tommies seemed like a good choice.


Mark Decoteau said...

Very nice, AJ.

AdamC1776 said...

Nice work

Ed M said...

Always a good moment when you turn up exactly what you need from stuff that you didn't know remember that you had. The "lead mountain" comes through.

As usual, nicely rendered, as well!


Phil said...

They look nice, very very nice!