Sunday, January 29, 2017

Adler Con - After Action Report

Yesterday was the first Adler Con - a small one-day gaming convention for historical, science fiction and board gaming. Several of my fellow Northern Conspirators hosted games. I took a tour of the venue in the morning during set-up and snapped the following photographs.

Being the first time this was run, attendance was a bit low. There were more game slots than attendees. This is of course less of a problem than the reverse, but there were some games that didn't get filled. Mine was among one of those. Still the quality of games was very high, and everyone who attended had a good time. More about my game below these photos:

For my offering, I chose to re-run my Battle of Monmouth scenario that I ran at Huzzah! 2016 and The Weekend 2016. This is my planned final public running of this scenario for a while. Next Huzzah! I'll be running a new scenario for the battle of Bemis Heights - the Colonial army attacking the British redoubts.

For this game one of my blog readers, Kevin, was keen to see the Electronic Brigadier rules in action. Without the full compliment of players, we decided to use one brigade each from the scenario and try out a small game. Kevin played well, and took good advantage of my aggressive play, eventually routing my best unit. From there the writing was on the wall, but we played on for fun, eventually with additional units on each side leaving the table or in serious jeopardy. In the end, Kevin's regiment of light infantry and his howitzer remained on the field of battle with my force heading for their camp. Well done Kevin!

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Kevin said...

Great fun. Looking forward to getting in a full game in the future.