Friday, May 5, 2017

Greece vs Levant - HATG Campaign Game

Last Friday we got together to play another HATG game in our ongoing campaign. This battle pitted the often battled Greek and Levantine forces. Greece brought a Pyrrhic model army and Levant brought a middle Republican Roman model army. 

Mike's Pyrrhic army featured a heavy dose of Elephant terror units. On my right Earl used his effectively to flank the Romans, doing some damage, while also peeling off most of a Roman wing to deal with him. On the left Bob's elephants were less effective, being dealt with quickly by the Romans. In the Center Mike's two spear phalanx waited for our flank attacks to go in.

Levant was having none of the waiting game and charged in strong and my pike wing! The pike held up well for a couple of turns due to their deep ranks, but on the third turn of attacks, two of the pike dispersed along with some hypaspists who were assigned to guard their flank.

 My pike battle line before....
and after. Great job by Charlie coordinating the attacks of two full legions on my one battle line, dismembering it in detail, sealing the victory.

Recently in HATG the Romans had suffered from some rule changes that reduced their power. Recent changes have adjusted things a bit more in the legion's favor. In this game Charlie proved if played well, the Romans can now be quite effective.

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