Saturday, May 20, 2017

Electronic Brigadier at Huzzah! 2017

This past Saturday, I hosted a game using Electronic Brigadier at Huzzah! 2017. The scenario was my Bemis Heights scenario, Gates Attacks! My previous play test report for the scenario can be found here.

I had several players return from previous EB convention games and a few new players. Everyone took to the rules and tablets quickly and seemed to have a fun time. The scenario was a close-fought affair with both sides losing units during the game. In the end, although the Americans were doing well, the British kept control of the redoubts and held the field for a marginal British victory.

The American commanders discuss their battle plan before the first turn.

The British commanders recording on the tablets while the Americans take their first turn.

Additional in-game photos below.

Final results at the end of the battle:

British Army
  • Army cohesion: 64.6%
  • Total Casualties: 577 / 4920 (11.7%)
  • 2 units dispersed
  • 1 routed units
  • 2 shaken units

  • Honors to: 104 - Rangers and Marksmen
American Army
  • Army cohesion: 66.1%
  • Total Casualties: 640 / 6800 (9.4%)
  • 1 units dispersed
  • 2 routed units
  • 1 shaken units

  • Honors to: 224 - 2nd New York

During the morning session I was also able to sneak out and get two photos of Earl's game. Apologies to Phil, as the photos I took of his game came out too blurry. 

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Dick Bryant said...

In the photo report on the game , two of the photos need to be interchanged to show the actual flow of the battle on the American right: #7 to position #4 and #4 to position #7. This shows the "high tide" of the American Massachusetts Bde on the right, just turning the English flank before the English were able to rally a militia unit(!!) and save their bacon.
Dick Bryant