Monday, May 23, 2011

Dennewitz Lite & Game Day

Saturday our club held it's monthly event. Instead of the usual Friday night, this month we had a day long event with two gaming periods. This was a theme day covering the Wars of France throughout history. With the weather breaking for the first good day of the springtime here in New Hampshire we had fewer attendees than expected, but we still had four great games run and played and everyone seemed to have a good day.

My contribution was a re-play of my previously run Dennewitz game. This version was a what-if scenario using portions of each force using the hypothetical assumption that Napoleon allotted less troops to the push towards Berlin and similarly the allies were able to muster only a portion of their historical defending force. This resulted in similarly sized armies and a game I hoped would complete in under three hours.

Below are the players. On the left, the French, Dave and Ed. On the right are Bob and Kevin. Above the starting positions after each team deployed their forces during the 'night' turn.

During the opening moves the Prusso-Russian force was able to press forward into the town in the middle of the table. This key terrain was part of the scenario victory conditions. The French pressed forward with a solid line of infantry and guns to assault the town, but as the battle progressed the allies brought up more and more reinforcements while relying on the stream on their left to protect their weak flank. During the final turns a large-scale morale break in the French lines was experienced due to their prolonged close proximity of the Allied gun cannister shot, while the Allies remained steady under similar pressure. The Prussian cavalry was able to  capitalize on this morale break and seal the fate for the French. Well played by both sides. I think I will need to adjust the OB even a bit more for a fast game and while doing so further reduce the allied artillery to bring it more in line with what the French have.

Earlier in the day I played in Ed's MASSIVE 6mm Nine Year's War (1698-1697 French vs Anglo-allied army) while several others played in Earl's award winning (at Huzzah!) French & Indian war skirmish game in 28mm.

While my Dennewitz game was being run, Michael ran a medieval castle skirmish game using his own rules, "Have fun storming the castle lads". In the photo are two guests I brought, Gordon (left) and Eric (right). Some may recognize them from my Adler Hobby Thursday night posts.

More photos of the games are available on the Northern Conspiracy's photo gallery page.


Adler Hobby & Board Game Cafe said...

What a blast that was, All I could think of was "if this was a high school class we would all be seperated" we were having a blast!
Thanks for having me I was sad I got the "Broken Dice" for that game but it was still fun ; )

AdamC1776 said...

"Earlier in the day I played in Ed's MASSIVE 6mm Great Northern War (French vs Anglo-allied army"

Was this the Alternate Waterloo battle? I really wanted to check that out!

I had a hard choice, fight with dice or fight with black powder... I picked black powder and think I made the right choice but I do wish i could have been in two places at once!

Giles said...

Great pics, AJ. I've never heard of the Nine Year's War before, but it sounds fun. There is some excellent terrain on those games; they all look very good.


AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Yes Adam, that was the alternate Waterloo scenario - quite enjoyable...even if I did manage to butcher the allied cavalry horribly.

The best way to insure I destroy the British cavalry, is to have me COMMAND the British cavalry!

AdamC1776 said...

AJ Kill-Cavalry Wright :)

Mike said...

Any chance you could post the OOB for Dennewitz Lite?

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

I posted the OB in a new update. Enjoy.