Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Huzzah! 2011

Huzzah! is this weekend. I'll be running my Cedar Mountain game during the Saturday Morning session. This is a historical ACW game using the  Volley & Bayonet rule set. I designed it to be able to be played to completion in about two hours. With a standard three hour convention time period that will give me plenty of time to teach the rules without cutting into playing time. Hopefully the players who register for the game will appreciate that and will also enjoy the game. Those who like Volley & Bayonet should also look for fellow Northern Conspirator John Magnifico's Leipzig game during the Saturday afternoon session.

Saturday my friend Gordon from Adler hobby will be running some FOW learning games using his "Train Raid" scenario that we play tested last month. It's a really fun game and a great way to learn Flames of War. Sunday Gordon is running a two-period team FOW tournament. It's an interesting format and should make for some fun gaming.

If you're going to Huzzah! stop by my game and say hi. I always like meeting people who read my blog.


AdamC1776 said...

I will probably not be there. There is an outside chance I might drop in sunday to make a stroll through the Fleamarket as I will be in Portland.

Andy McMaster said...

Hi Allan,
Stylish Blogger Award coming your way!

Been good to see your regular posts and updates.