Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Saturday Jerry, Gordon and I played a game of Dominion at Adler Hobby instead of playing Flames of War. I brought the non-collectible card game as a backup game in case we didn't get enough players to play miniatures. As luck would have it we didn't so we played a three player game.

I had only played the game once before, but with that experience and owning the game I was able to struggle through re-learning it myself and teaching Jerry and Gordon. Within a few turns we were all in the swing of things and playing and having fun.

I tried the only strategy I knew, the one I used before which was to choose cards that allowed my deck to draw a lot of times each turn. The theory was cycling through my deck would get me to the coin cards to buy lots of VP cards. Well that was the theory.  Jerry went for a balanced deck design with a little bit of everything except militia, which he had a few more than the rest of us had. Gordon went for a lean and mean deck with nothing but coins and VP cards. In the end this was a winning move with Gordon ending up with 48 victory points while Jerry and I were both in the mid 30s. Good win Gordon....I want a re-match! Fun game and a great alternative when you have an odd number of players.

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Andy said...

I love Dominion. Like Gordon, I generally find the best strategy to be Treasure and just a few Kingdom cards that help you get Treasure. Get a good deck going and start buying nothing but VP cards.