Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Freeman's Farm at Huzzah! 2015

During the Saturday afternoon session at Huzzah! I ran my second 'public' game of my Electronic Brigadier rules. I had a full table including friends I see only at conventions, Chris, Scott and Adam (from the Fencing Frog blog). Also at the table was Dick Bryant founder of The Courier Magazine. This was the same scenario that I used for most of my early play testing and for my game at Carnage 2014.

This game was a tale of the underdogs. On the west flank, Learned's brigade stood firm to the cream of the British army and turned away the British light infantry regiment and the 24th regiment of line routing each with combined infantry volley fire and support from their 6lb gun section. On the east side of the battlefield the German mercenaries held strong in the face of Poor's brigade of continentals - a force that outweighed them in number of regiments and quality. In the end two of Poor's continental regiments were driven from the line, one routing. Balancing off the other British unit was a unit of Connecticut militia that withered in the face of Dick's British brigade and fled the battle in rout.

At the conclusion of our time the casualties were slightly in favor of the Americans and the army cohesion was also in favor of the Americans by a small but not insignificant amount. Considering the equal size of the armies and the overall quality advantage of the British army I concluded the battle to be a minor victory for the Americans. Both armies sustained close to the historical number of casualties leaving plenty of room for a good re-fight of Bemis Heights if this were a campaign game.

I'd like to thank all of the players for their patience with my tablets difficulty with the hotel WiFi. I would also like to give a shout out to Adam both for pulling his Kindle out to rescue me as well as lending me some electrons with a USB battery boost when one of my tablets got low on charge.

Feedback from all of the players was very positive and motivating. I will soon be moving on to other historical periods as I believe AWI is very close to finished and working well in my rules now....if only I could acquire some additional GOOD tablets.

Update: Adam from the Fencing Frog Blog has a post about the game on his blog here: http://fencingfrog.blogspot.com/2015/05/huzzah-saturday-part-2-electronic.html


AdamC1776 said...

Thanks for the Shout out. My own report is coming soon

Gebbie1815 said...

As noted when we finished the game... I look forward to when you can offer it to the gaming public :)