Saturday, May 23, 2015

Northern Conspiracy May 2015 Game Night

Last Friday was our club's May game night. I played in Ralph's Bolt Action WWII game. This was a scenario suggested by Ed on our club mailing list. This actual battle for Itter Castle was perfectly sized for a Bolt Action game. The scenario features American and already surrendered Whermarcht infantry fighting together, trying to rescue some French diplomats. The diplomats were trapped in a castle guarded by fanatical German SS who refused to surrender. You can read an article describing the battle here:

I played on the American side commanding an group of two infantry squads and a 30 caliber machine gun. You can see below my command backed up by Charlie's idenitical command. Our plan, with a long table to cross and time at a premium was to delay on the flanks and "hey diddle diddle, straight up the middle".  Like most battle plans, it didn't survive contact with the enemy... Our Sherman suppressed some of the SS in the village with a very effective shot from it's 75mm main gun and Charlie and I rushed out to hold the left flank to make room for the middle press. Then the plan went to hell in a hand basket. The SS in the village blew up the Sherman with a Panzershreck, and the SS rushed forward to meet Charlie and I and mowed us down with their assault rifles. Moving fire from the SS assault rifle squads each with two MG-34/42 LMGs was 22 dice per squad. With little cover available, Charlie and I were stopped on the left. Without the Sherman in support the village held out long enough. In the middle we had some success, but only until the assault rifle squads were done mowing down our troops on the left. Our attack stifled we settled into the village, the only hard cover available. Victory for the SS (boo! Nazis, I HATE these guys.)

It was a fun game, interesting scenario and as usual, Ralph brings a very beautiful traveling table. Particularly satisfying for me was to see the village, which Ralph made up of my laser cut buildings with his own scratch built walls and other details. 

There were two other great games played. Below are Photos of Earl's 28mm ACW skirmish game and Phil's ACW naval game.

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