Monday, May 25, 2015

28mm French Napoleonic Dragoons

My friend Ed offered me a gift of these beautifully painted 28mm Perry Dragoons. He's recently upgraded his personal collection to some even NICER ones. I was blown away by the offer and told him it was too generous to offer me such an expensive gift. We agreed on a price that was still a very generous gift by Ed to myself. Thanks Ed.

I'm not sure where Ed got these. Ed's such an accomplished painter that it's possible that he painted them himself. It's also possible he purchased them painted. Either way they're gorgeous, and since Ed and I use the same basing convention, they didn't even need to be re-based!

There was one musician that was missing an arm. Since each Perry box set comes with plenty of extra arms, I was able to scrounge one from my uncle's spare parts bin. Glued on and painted, it's a pretty decent match for the original. At least I can't tell it was ever missing. Close enough for government work! The photo to the left shows the repaired figure.

Some of you may have noticed a significant lull in wargaming posts in my blog earlier this month. As I showed in an earlier post, we had a particularly damaging winter this past year. I've been spending most of my spring doing yard work, including removing several damaged trees. Here you can see the 'after' photo of the tree that was photographed in my earlier post. In the background, half a dozen four foot logs still waiting to be cut and split into firewood. At least I can mow the yard again....if it ever starts growing.

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Giles said...

Those are very nice indeed, AJ. Nice to see Perry plastic dragoons. I wondered a while ago whether with some head swaps a bit of tinkering the dismounted chaps could be used for Brunswick dragoons in the Saratoga campaign).

Best wishes


ps sorry to hear about your winter woes!