Tuesday, May 10, 2016

28mm French First Chasseurs

This is a unit I purchased on Ebay. It is painted to represent the first Chasseurs. There has been considerable discussion among the Napoleonics aficionados in my club about the validity of the figures used. The Chasseurs were at one point a lance-armed unit and that potentially justifies the helmets. Either way they were well painted and a good deal as far as price is concerned.

The figures suffered dearly in shipping. Every figure was knocked off the horse, sabers were bent, paint chipped, etc. A veritable disaster. Still I pressed on, glued everything back together and touched up the paint and re-based them. They look presentable enough and round out what I believe is all the French light cavalry I'll need for some time. I'm counting this as 24 purchased figures since they're mounted, and six stands re-based.


WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

Very pretty! And kind of unique. I certainly recall reading that this particular unit had crested helmets by 1815, as opposed to shakos, but I've never seen seen them done in miniature. Yours are giving me a serious case of the wargaming butterflies.

Best Regards,


Piotr Frąckowiak said...

Indeed, they look really good.