Monday, May 16, 2016

Monmouth Courthouse at Huzzah! using The Electronic Brigadier

This past Saturday I ran my recently play-tested Monmouth Courthouse scenario which I call "Lee's Attack" at the Huzzah! convention. It's a hypothetical 'what-if' scenario where instead of only attacking with a force of volunteer soldiers, Lee instead attacks with each complete regiment that participated in the initial attack. With this successful game, I'm considering the AWI period 'close enough to done' to now continue onto other historic periods.

The scenario accommodates up to eight (8) players and I was fortunate enough to have a full table of great players. The game went off with only minor difficulties with the hotel WiFi which I eventually sorted out by using the hotspot that I brought for just such an occasion. 

The initial battle was going the way of the Americans with early successes and good focused volleys on the lead British regular units, particularly the 42nd highlanders and the British Dragoons.

The British finally started to turn the tide late in the game, bringing both of their massive Grenadier units on line as well as pressing the flank where the first New Jersey were making a move on the British column's route of march with the first guards. The first guards eventually faltered, but the NJ boys were also spent in the exchange. With more fresh British regulars guarding the flank, and with the casualties all but even, the game was declared a minor British victory. Putting it into historical perspective, the British left under the cover of nightfall, and would probably match that after this version of the battle as well, with Lee claiming the field and victory instead of Washington.

The two photos below are of the battlefield as nightfall settled onto the battlefield (convention game period time limit reached). The players played 19 turns even with time for rules explanations, and team strategy planning. Results of the battle are shown below and are very close to the historical casualties of the actual battle.

British Rear Guard
  • Army cohesion: 71.3%
  • Total Casualties: 580 / 6640 (8.7%)
  • 1 routed units
  • 1 shaken units
  • Honors to: 103 - Queens American Rangers
American Advance Guard
  • Army cohesion: 71.6%
  • Total Casualties: 550 / 7420 (7.4%)
  • 1 units dispersed
  • 2 shaken units
  • Honors to: 201 - 1st New Hampshire

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