Friday, May 20, 2016

Nothern Conspiracy May 2016 Game Night

Two Friday's ago our club got together for our monthly game night. With a major convention the previous weekend and great weather outside, turn out was light. I was scheduled to run a game but had to cancel it due to lack of players. After picking up my game I got a chance to play in Ralph's early Renaissance game using his recently updated Nexus rules. I pushed a couple of tercios with my opponent, Don having the same. Don scored an early success eliminating one of Earl's pike blocks, then things got into a slug fest. At the conclusion the early gains by Don sealed the victory for his team. Great job Don.

The other game that ran was a WWII air power game run by Phil.  I didn't get many photos of it as I was too busy rushing to tear down my game so I didn't hold up Ralph's game.

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Brigadier Dundas said...

Earl fought like a tenacious baboon! Hard to come to grips with, and always snarling at your every move.
A great fight.