Saturday, December 29, 2018

Northern Conspiracy December 2018 Game Night

Last night our club had it's December game night. This is a fairly rare treat as it requires that a Friday fall between Christmas and New Years not on one of the holidays. About two out of every seven years works out.

I played in Greg's Chain of Command early war game which pitted French against the invading German blitzkrieg forces. I was on the German side with Kevin and visiting guest Adam. Opposite us were Michael, Byron and Phil playing the French. I took a small flanking infantry command. Kevin commanded our Panzer IIIs and Adam took the center infantry which bore the brunt of the French attack. Opposite Adam were Phil and Michael sharing the French foot with Byron commanding the French Hotchkiss H-35 tanks.

Early in the battle Byron pressured one of Kevin's tanks which retreated off the table. Byron kept the pressure on causing repeated critical hits on Kevin's remaining two tanks but never could finish them off. In the duel Kevin with help from Adam's anti-tank rifle was eventually able to even the score knocking out Byron's command tank, but as dusk set, the four tanks were still slugging it out.

On the opposite flank, the bulk of the infantry fighting occurred. Adam was outnumbered 3:2 here, and although my infantry poured fire into the French all game, they didn't receive any incoming fire, which meant Adam's flank most unit took it all, eventually being destroyed. Michael followed that up with a charge into the gap in our line eliminating a commanding officer and ADC, but then fleeing from the empty hill due to casualties received in the melee.

As the battle drew to a close, the French got the best of the day, but at a stiff price. Casualties were fairly equal with the French being more successful in focusing all casualties on a single enemy unit while the German's spread theirs out a bit more evenly.

The other game for the evening with Peter running another of his plains wars games. Peter brought some new hills and his table and figures looked excellent!

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