Friday, December 14, 2018

Saga Objectives

While waiting for my Saga Book of Battles to arrive, I decided to start to work on what I thought I might need to play some of the new scenarios. My starting point was the Gripping Beast pack "SSC01 - Baggage for the Escort Scenario". The two carts shown here are from that pack as is the scattered baggage around the smaller cart. The civilians from the pack will be based individually as the civilian unit of four figures called for in the new Book of Battles. Those will be the subject of a future post.

The cows will fulfill the 'livestock' requirement for some of the scenarios. For those scenarios each player is expected to provide three bases of animals. With many new players in our group, it made sense for me to base up six bases worth of animals. The figures are O-gauge pre-painted model railroad figurines, given a quick magic wash, matte overcoat and based. I'm counting the wagons and basing as six figures in the painting totals for the year.

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