Sunday, July 7, 2024

28mm Piedmont First Bersaglieri

The next unit for my Chocolate Box Wars Risorgimento project, a unit of figures for the Piedmont 1st Bersaglieri in their summer uniforms. These are Gringo40 figures from their 28mm Garibaldis War 1860 range.

These are wonderfully well sculpted figures although I was surprised to see they came with flat-topped hats. Looking across my various resources, I have found more references for Bersaglieri in round-topped hats, but there are enough references with the flat-topped hat to justify its use here. Considering how well the rest of the line is for accuracy, I'm going to give Gringo40 the benefit of the doubt here. 

All of my references show this unit as having shoulder pauldrons in blue, piped in red. Sources vary from the blue being the same color as the tunic or lighter. The former seems more plausible to me so I went with that. Note the reference to the left shows the unit in its winter blue pants. I've depicted them in their summer white pants.

The figures really don't have any visible piping, so I did my best by painting the whole pauldron in red, then 'filling in' the majority of it with blue leaving a thin section of red behind. Honestly they looked FANTASTIC in all red, but I opted for historical accuracy over beauty. I still regret the decision. Still I'm very happy with this unit and happy to have another army started while I wait for more lead to arrive in the post.

Next up on the painting table is the papal St. Patrick's volunteers in their amazing Green uniforms piped in yellow.






Ed M said...

Really smart outfit. For what it's worth, I like the look of the piped shoulder wings. My experience, having done plenty of small details like that, is that they may not draw attention to themselves, but they definitely elevate the overall look of the unit.

Donnie McGibbon said...

They look quite superb, lovely looking unit, very well done. Gringo's are great figures and the range has so many exotics in it!

Old Nick said...

Outstanding! Magnificent soldiers