Sunday, January 29, 2012

Enter the Carthaginians

I've decided to start working on a Carthaginian army to add to my Punic Wars collection of Romans and Seleucids. These two units are the first two battle groups for the new army. I purchased both from Dynasty Group Miniatures on Ebay. The spear-armed unit on the left is a group of Celtibierian medium infantry. The unit on the right is a group of Spanish Scutari that is also based as medium infantry.

Dynasty Group did a decent job painting these figures. I'd rate them a solid 6.5 on the GAJO scale. They arrived with minimal damage thanks to great packaging. I had to re-attach two shields and a few spears were bent, but that's to be expected. Dynasty is slightly cheaper than Dragon Painting Service (also on Ebay) with a commensurate difference in quality. All in all I'm happy to have these added to my collection. They were a good value and an easy way to jump start this army.


Mike said...

A couple of nice looking units. How large will this army grow?

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

These are the first two units. I'm guessing this will end up being a 800-1000 point army which should translate to about 12-14 battle groups.

I may be able to re-use some battle groups I have since I already have some Gaul infantry, Numidian cavalry and a couple of forest elephants.