Monday, January 30, 2012

What Platoon Is THAT Tank From?

In my game last Saturday against Don casualties and time pressures (in the battle) required that I intermix my two platoons of captured Italian tanks and my 2iC tank. Since each platoon had suffered casualties the whole fur ball became a confusing mess. The captured Italian tanks historically didn't have unit markings on them other than whatever Italian markings were not covered up by the Aussies. My figures originally also had no unit markings which only added to the confusion of the situation.

After the game Don and Gordon had some recommendations on how I could identify my 2iC tank by adding a left-over Italian aerial recognition symbol (an off-white circle) to the top of the hull. I've done this as you can see in the right most tank in the photo above. Originally I had thought about adding some additional kangaroos on one of my platoon, but much to my dismay I had used up all of the decals I had. Reasoning that the small Italian unit markings could have been left on by the Australians I added some to one of my two combat platoons. This should help me differentiate each platoon and the 2iC. Thanks go to Don and Gordon for the good advice.


Broeders said...

The Germans found they had to make their captured Russian tank markings very visible otherwise they were liable to get shot up by their own side.

That could be a great rule in any WW2 ruleset where captured tanks are being used i.e. roll to see if your own side don't shoot at you

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

That's why the plucky Aussies painted giant kangaroos over every side of the Italian tanks. The 'roos covered up all the Italian insignia and told their friends (and fellow Australians) that they were captured tanks.