Monday, January 9, 2012

WOTR Billmen

This is a unit of eight (8) stands of War of the Roses (WOTR) or 100 Years War English billmen. I picked these up off of Ebay from "The Horse & Musket Miniatures" for what I thought was a reasonable price by using Ebay's "Make an offer" feature.

I have a significant WOTR collection that was painted, and mostly used, before I started this blog. With my recent renewed interest in the Field of Glory rule set I'm hoping I can get some additional use out of my large WOTR army. All I have to do is build it up to be large enough to field two armies with it, or convince one ore more club mates to play WOTR. Adding these billmen is part of the effort to double the army size.


Hein said...

Looking nice.

DeanM said...

Nice looking unit - they look intimidating. Best, Dean