Saturday, January 7, 2012

Field of Glory Round Robin Games (2)

Tonight the "Field of Glory Four" got together for another evening of round robin games using our 'Rise of Rome' armies. Tonight's match ups were my Mid-Republican Romans vs Phil's Seleucids (using my Seleucid army) and Charlies Late Republican Romans vs Mike's Carthaginians. In the photos below Phil and my games will be the left photos and Mike and Charlie's games with be the right photos.

Setup - Although I tried to clog the middle of the table with as much terrain as possible, Phil was able to move most of it harmlessly to the sides with the exception of one steep hill. In Charlie and Mike's game their terrain left for a good open center section.

The approaches - Phil and I pressed our battle lines forward with each of us pressing harder on our right flank. My Numidian cavalry engaged early to try to secure some fields with closed borders. On Charlie and Mike's table each of them were happy to press forward on the same flank with masses of cavalry. Charlie aggressively pushed the center with his Numidian skirmish infantry.

Mid-game - Roman vs Seleucid game ended up being a grind between Phil's imitation legions and my real legions. The only main difference was mine had some Triarii providing rear support. On Charlie and Mike's table the cavalry battle raged with both sides having some successes and Mike engaging his elephants with Charlie's cavalry. Charlie's skirmish infantry got broken, but did recover them and re-engaged them late in the game.

End game - I was able to break both of Phil's imitation legions and a cataphract cavalry unit. I lost a legion of my own and my Numidian cavalry. On my right I was able to press the flank and in the center the void caused by the legions allowed me to turn Phil's pike block. We called the game at 6-4 in points. Close game for sure. On Mike and Charlie's table Charlie had good success in the cavalry scrum pulling out to a 12-4 lead when we called it.

This was a great night of gaming. We hope to schedule another one in February where we'll go through our final matches in round one: Mike's Carthaginians vs My Romans and Charlie's Romans vs Phil's Seleucids.

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