Monday, March 9, 2015

28mm French Napoleonics - Ebay Purchase

These are four battalions of 28mm French Napoleonic figures that I purchased about a year ago on Ebay. They were originally sold by a company as "Glory Napoleonics" - as pre-painted figures. I got them for a very reasonable price. I still need to add proper flags to the standard bearers.

These are based for my friend Charlie's Napoleonic rules, Napoleon's Rules of War, but will also work just as well with my friend Ed's Volley & Bayonet wing scale house rule variant and eventually hopefully with my own Electronic Brigadier rules.

As the shot below right shows, this is only the start of what I hope will be a much more extensive collection. There's plenty of room left in this drawer, and I expect that at least one more drawer will be dedicated to French napoleonic figures. These figures came un-based. They've been sitting on my table waiting for basing, and with all the recent re-basing I've been doing I used the momentum to get them off the workbench.

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DeanM said...

Nice haul, Allan. Hmmm, not sure if I ever heard of the painters. They look nicer than the pre-painted OG ones on their site - although those aren't too bad either for the price.