Monday, March 23, 2015

Vorenus and Pullo - Magic Wash Test

On our club's mailing list we have been discussing alternatives to the Army Painter Quick Shade product. These conversations were mostly started after one of our members watched this YouTube video from Dr. Faust's Painting Clinic channel. I'm currently using the Army Painter products, but in the past have worked with various Future Floor Wax wash formulas. Up until watching the above mentioned videos my washes were always a ratio of Future and water with pigment to taste. This test was done using 100% future and black ink to see if that gave better results than I've had in the past.

I started with two figures I've recently painted, Warlord Games' Pullo and Vorenus, Heroes of Rome personality pack. Since I wanted to use the figures as command figures in my republican Roman army I chose the bare-headed option for the Vorenus figure as his helmet was far to Cesarian for my army. The photo below left shows the figures before the wash. Note I use Privater Press' flesh wash during my painting process, so the flesh areas already have a good brown wash on them. My choice for pigment for the overall wash on the figure was black ink in 100% future.  The other two photos in this post show the end results. I think it works quite well with the added benefit of being able to mix as much or as little pigment into the wash as you like. These photos were taken while the was was still wet, but it does dry to a high gloss finish. A final coat with Testor's Dullcote or your preferred matte finish will be needed.

These two figures will be added to Old Glory figures in the future. Pullo will become an officer in a principes unit and Vorenus with his decorative chest piece will be a legion commander accompanied by a standard bearer and musician. 


DeanM said...

Nice figures - the stain worked well on the cloaks especially.

Mark Decoteau said...

These look great, AJ. I think I will try this process on my next 1812 figures.