Sunday, March 29, 2015

Rome vs Carthage - Marathon to Marius House Rules

Friday evening we got together to play a Rome vs. Carthage game using my uncle's ancients, previously called "Hannibal at the Gates" now renamed to "Marathon to Marius". Previous posts on this blog labeled "HATG" have been retroactively labeled "MTM" to reflect the name change.

The game was a pickup game, not part of our campaign and featured classic 2nd Punic armies. Rome brought two Roman and two allied legions and a small group of Praetorian guards and Extrodinarii. The Carthaginian army was based on Hanno's army in Northern Italy and contained two warrior wings, a large contingent of Gaul warriors, and a large contingent of Ligurian/Trans-Alpine Gauls. Also with Hanno was a wing of Spanish including Scutari and cavalry and a small contingent of African veteran spearmen and Carthaginian cavalry. Shown in most of the photos, the players of Rome, Rob, Ralph and Charlie. Below right, the Carthiginian right wing commander Don. Not pictured was the other Carthaginian commander Bob and myself.

This was a GREAT game. Both armies slugged it out right to the end with the final turn exhausting both armies when the very last two units to fight in the last turn eliminated each other. Everyone played well and everyone at some point had good and bad luck. I had a lot of fun..thanks to everyone especially Ralph for hosting.


Ralph said...

The game was a slight variation of the Battle of the Metaurus River. I left out Nero's reinforcements to make the contest more balanced.

John Lambshead said...

That is a BIG game.