Saturday, March 7, 2015

Electronic Brigadier Cavalry Play Test Game #2

This afternoon my friend Mark D. and my uncle Ralph came over for another round of play testing of the Electronic Brigadier rules. Today's game was the second game with multiple cavalry units on each side. The last try revealed some areas that needed improvement so today's game was hoping to test out the recent fixes.

The good news is cavalry versus cavalry and cavalry versus infantry not work in the computer programming system properly. There may be some future tweaks in relative strengths of cavalry vs. infantry, but things are definitely close which is good. The game featured each player playing with identical forces of two brigades each. The cavalry ended up all shifting to one flank with the American player, Mark being able to bring some of his infantry's musketry to bear on to Ralph's British dragoons. On the other flank Ralph set up an excellent two on one attack against Mark, but his troops had trouble. One unit refused to charge and the other got stopped on the way in from Mark's defensive fire. The former was due to a very bad morale roll, the latter expected once the 2 on 1 attack became a 1 on 1.

I'd like to thank both Ralph and Mark for helping play test today. This was Marks' first game and he played like an experienced veteran. Ralph played several situations in ways that helped test rare occurring cases rather than what might be tactically best. An enjoyable and very productive afternoon.

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Mark Decoteau said...

Thanks for the great game AJ! I look forward to the next one.