Friday, October 9, 2015

28mm Roman Cavalry

These are two units of Roman cavalry that I've painted up quickly for use in our club's game day next weekend. My friend Mike is running a one day campaign and I pledged bringing three Carthaginian and one Roman army. For my Roman army I needed to complete the cavalry for my two in-process legions, the red legion and the white legion. It should be obvious from the shields on these which legion each unit is for.

The figures are, as usual, from Old Glory. When you are a member of their club you get 40% off the price of the figures making them my go-to choice for anything they carry. Sure there are a few figure manufacturers that make slightly nicer figures, but with the discount considered those 'better' figures cost three to four times as much as these. That makes Old Glory the perennial champion in the 'bang for the buck' catagory. Plus I like the O.G. figures. They paint up well and the lines are extensive enough that I seldom want for anything. I also like that their packs always contain an assortment of poses.

Since they're mounted, I'm counting these six figures as twelve in my painting total count, mostly because I paint the horses separately then glue on the riders. Next up on the painting table, thirty Austrian Napoleonic grenzers, and a bunch of AWI re-basing. The latter may not make it to the blog.


Phil said...

They look great, very nice job!

alex sengir said...

very neat and visually